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        HBLV Test, Blood
Human Herpesvirus 6 antibody, serum

This is a DNA virus in the herpes group, and 30% of children get roseola (fever and rash); but 80% of adults are, there must be many other forms of disease and/or assymptomatic acquisition of immunity. Seropositivity is defined as presence of IgG antibody (Ab). The initial seroconversion by a primary infection and/or reactivation or re-infection is implied by the additional presence of IgM antibody. Immunodeficient patients got the virus in 25-40% of cases. The HHV-6 IgG antibody level boosts with infections of other HHV types, especially CMV. [warning]

Negative, Non-reactive, undetectable status:
  • in less than 20% of adults...never infected; non-immune status
  • those previously exposed but either non-immune or have sub-detectible levels of immune (IgG) Ab.
Causes of Increased Values/Levels

Infants or Young Children

  • Roseola:  (synonyms: roseola infantum, exanthema subitum,  sixth disease) High fever 3-5 days followed by hours to days neck and trunk rash
  • Otitis
  • Gastroenteritis


  • Chronic fatigue syndrome: some cases (not sure)  associated with HHV-6 viremia (PCR detection of HHV-6 DNA extracted from WBCs  in these patients)
  • Mononucleosis-like syndrome
  • Hepatitis syndrome: from mild LFT elevation to fulminant hepatitis
  • Pulmonary syndrome: mild to severe pneunmonitis
  • broncho-alveolar-cell carcinoma of lung 
  • cross-reactive rise of IgG with other infections, especially CMV, mean that a rising IgG titer (alone) is insufficient for HHV-6 diagnosis

Test Synonyms

Other names for this exact or approximate agent are:   

  • HHV-6, HBLV, human B-lymphotrophic virus


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